Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eyebrow waxing at Supercuts?

I'm going to Supercuts for a trim, and I was thinking about getting my eyebrows done there too. What do you think: good idea or no?Eyebrow waxing at Supercuts?
Look at the people who do it or even watch it being done from a distance. Check it out and then, get it done if you want.Eyebrow waxing at Supercuts?
The idea is fine .. they use the same stuff that the places that charge $15 use. Warm wax, material, orange sticks, baby powder. It's one of the times in life spending more doesn't equal 'better.'
Judge when you get their, If they seem competent than go for it.
yea now mostly all salons do waxin... why not go ahead
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