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Eyebrow Threading or Waxing, which is the best method? and which gives better, long lasting results?

I have thick black eyebrows %26amp; have them either waxed, plucked or threaded %26amp; want to know from any experts which is the best method??Eyebrow Threading or Waxing, which is the best method? and which gives better, long lasting results?
well it actually depends on the person. Some people prefer to pluck or thread because it is less painful and you can be more accurate with the shape you want. But waxing is also good because the hair grows back after a very long time. So you can actually choose yourself and also sometimes people can be allergic to waxing becasue they can get a allergic reaction. So its actually upto you.Eyebrow Threading or Waxing, which is the best method? and which gives better, long lasting results?
I would recommend threading just b/c you get a much better shape and it's more hands on so the person doing them for can be more flexiable w/ what shape will be best for your , it is a little more painful [[so if your not into pain go w/ waxing]] but it takes a while to grow back [[a little longer than waxing]] both work though just depends on your eyebrows and the salon you go to, b/c some only do one or the other! cost- depends on the salon usually $10-20 =]
Threading is very precise and clean - best way to go (I'm just a regular person, not an expert - but have done it all).
Waxing is less painful and lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. Threading is more painful but more precise and exact.

I got threading done once and it hurt so much. I never got it done again.

I get waxing done on my eyebrows every month or so. It does not hurt much since I am used to it.
Personally, threading has worked the best for me! I only have to get them done every month or so! With waxing, the hair grows back in 2 weeks! This is because threading removes the hair from the follicle while waxing just removes the superficial hair.
either way, all do the same thing, all are pulling the hair out. It's a matter of personal choice and cost (what you can afford), however doing it yourself is the least expensive.
wax is the best wax for a longer effect i would say x kitti x

its a more freshh, and CLEAN look, and makes them look really '; hollywood ';like

yupp, and it lasts much longer too. Its pretty cheap

(around $ 3- 5) depending on where yu go
yea def waxing them lasts longer
Go with waxing them, it lasts a long time and the results seem nicer.
Waxing!!! Don't pluck, it's painful and the hair grows back in a week. Waxing lasts so much longer...up to 2 months for me!
you weren't in the three stooges were you
I would not recommend waxing your eyebrows, this may be a quicker way of removing the hair but it stretches your skin. Try Treading in staid.
all are flippin painful

but it depends on your body hairs

obvious not a pro but tried all of the above

threading gives you definition but waxing last the longest
definitly waxed. hands down. it lasts a hell of a lot longer....
THREADING is much better, not only does it give you a better shape but lasts much longer as the hair is taken out from the roots. Threading only takes out the hair that needs to be taken unlike other methods.

I get mine threaded, and trust me I get alot of compliments on my eyebrows.
If you have had all three why are you asking which is more effective? surely you would know?!
I would definitely go with waxing. The results are so great and they shape your face so much. I get my eyebrows waxed every two weeks by the same lady and my face always looks so much better after that. And if you can't wait every two weeks LIGHTLY tweeze in between.

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